Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The Truth

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.
Jane Austen

It is also a truth that a single woman in possession of a son, a partner, a job and some of her faculties must be in want of absolutely nothing at all. But when you've got all of these things, how on earth do you balance them? How do you prioritise? How do they all fit together?

If you have all of these things, you're a lucky person. Many people have far less, and wish for the things you take for granted, the things which you think you have a right to have and experience. That doesn't mean that it's all plain sailing from here on in. If you look at that person, don't expect them to be perfect, don't imagine they never have a care in the world. They may have issues, worries, problems, different to you, but just as important to them.Their worries may be trivial in that great, global, grand scheme of worries, but they're worries nevertheless.

Society develops at an alarming rate; small children act like teenagers, teenagers act like adults and adults act like idiots. A woman's role now, I would hazard a guess, is as evolving and shifting as it ever has been. My mother's generation wanted a family and an inside toilet, the next generation of wimmin wanted liberation. Women today want the family, the career, the liberty and the security - but can they co-exist?

Can a woman have it all?

Can I?


  1. Of course you can. Just tell yourself that.


  2. Ooh ooh ooh you're back - I'm too excited to write anything sensible. Yes you can. No you can't. Oh, I don't know. Now I want to know what you've been up to since you last wrote?

  3. My darling it sounds like you've got it all, so enjoy it!

    I think we humans are built to strive and it's a rare person who thinks they have achieved everything they wanted to and become truly content. I have such a friend and that's the only thing I envy her (apart from her amazing boobs), but then I also have friends whose lives resemble a tram-smash. I guess I feel lucky to be somewhere in between. Some days I feel I've got everything to be grateful for and others, well, let's say I'm capable of moaning about my lot until someone gives me a telling off.

    So lovely to see you back in blogland again.


  4. Aims, I try, but usually someone else is talking at the same time!

    Lola, I'm fairly sure that it will all come out, but remind me if I go off track.

    SM, I guess I just wonder when I'll know. Or how I'll know. Or if I'll care...

  5. Ah, that is my eternal quest. Not sure if it is possible; life is full of compromise. Maybe you could show me how it's done?

    PS Good to see you're back!

  6. Working mum, if I find out I shall pop it in a bottle & run round with some for you! It's good to be back!


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